Vacancies at Reboocon Bionics

Reboocon Bionics is a high-tech startup helping people with mobility impairments.
Joining Reboocon Bionics means an opportunity to be a part of something that makes the world better.
We’re looking for the very best candidates to  join our team.
Have a look at our vacancies. If you are ready, go for it!

Mission: develop wearable robots

Mission team: control engineers, embedded engineer, electronics hardware engineers, software engineers, QA&RA, management and operation, sales and marketing

Base: Delft

Mechcanical engineer

QA / RA Officer

Above-knee Amputee with skills


 Open application

Mechanical Engineer (Chinese citizen)

Your responsibilities:

1.        You are responsible for the design and verification of mechanical components in robotic devices

2.        You task will consist of non-standard component design, CAD drawing and manufacturing instruction design.

3.        You are in charge of company workshop

4.        Your are in charge of production

5.        You will travel and contact manufacturer in China and EU.


1.         Bachelor or above in mechanical/aerospace/mechatronics engineering

2.        Familiar with manufacturing techniques and processes (milling, lathing, welding, 3D printing, heat treatment, Surface finishing etc)

3.        Experienced in developing devices with stringent requirements on weight and size.

4.        Familiar with quality control and QMS is necessary.

5.        Being structured and organized is a must.

6.        Good communication skills is required.

7.        Great affinity to details is required.

8.        Being able to operate milling/lathing/CNC machines is a plus


1.         Gross annual salary starting at €37,000, up to €50,000 (not absolute max though)

Junior Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance officer

Your responsibilities:

  1. Developing and implementing regulatory strategy and roadmaps through deep understanding of regulatory / legislative initiatives and the competitive market landscape;
  2. Providing the regulatory plan, guidance on risk assessment, and required corrective actions to meet regulatory requirements;
  3. Interact with notified body and medical device certification consultants and provide guidance for the R&D team on e.g. CE Marking, product registrations, and clinical evaluations.


  1. MSc or higher. 1 year or more working experience in QA/RA.
  2. Working experience in Medical Device (class II) is required;
  3. MDR experience is required
  4. Experience in Project management within RA. Have a good understanding on project planning and resource allocations is preferred.
  5. Experience in quality management system (QMS) is required. Experience in ISO 13485 is preferred.
  6. Working experience in prosthetic/orthotic/ orthopedic company is preferred.
  7. Strong communicative and stakeholder management skills


  1. Gross annual salary starting at €39,000

Above-knee Amputee with skills

Your responsibilities

  1. Being part of the team, your main responsibility is to test the knee and ankle prosthesis developed by the colleagues in our company;
  2. Your secondary responsibility is to help to improve the design/control of the prosthetic devices


  1. You are a candidate with Above-Knee Amputation or knee disarticulation.
  2. BSc or higher. Minimal working experience of 2 years in one of the following fields:
    • Electrical/Electronics
    • Software (mainly in C,C++, Javascript etc.).
    • Algorithms and control
    • Regulatory affairs and quality assurance
  3. Strong communication skills is required
  4. Fluent in English speaking and writing.
  5. Working time: minimal 2 days a week


  1. Gross annual salary starting at €36,000 on a fulltime basis.


Do you want to get some hands on experience?

Can you contribute something?

An internship might be something for you.


  1. Familiar and interested in one of the following fields:
    • mechatronics, esp. related to electric motor modeling and control
    • control theory
    • system identification
    • embedded programming
    • mechanical design, esp. in the field of precision engineering and strain gauge
  2. Great team player
  3. You have good communication skills
  4. fluent in English speaking/writing

Open application

No positions above fit your profile?

You think you can help in any engineering topics related to electric motor, feedback control, robotics, human biomechanics, dyanmics?

Or you think you can help with the growth of company?

Send in an open application, tell us your ideas and your motivations!