Reboocon Bionics delivered wheel system to the robotic football team of TU Eindhoven

The Reboocon Bionics’ differential wheel system (DWS) is designed and manufactured within 100 days, starting from scratch. It is equipped with advanced motor drive electronics, control algorithms and electric motors, which were created  in house by Reboocon Bionics…

Reboocon team members testing the wheel system

In June 2018 the TU Eindhoven robotic football team is competing again in the World RoboCup, an international annual tournament for autonomous robots. In the Middle Size League two teams of 5 robots, each with a height of approximately 80 cm, play soccer against each other. The robots are not controlled by anyone, but they plan their own actions –  such as the moment of shooting and their positioning in the field – through smart software and strategic algorithms. The robots are also able to identify obstacles and their team mates, due to kinetic cameras and advanced digital imaging technologies. The Tech United team is constantly improving the technology in order to develop faster, smarter and more skilled robots every year.

This year, Reboocon Bionics has developed a state-of-the-art differential wheel system making use of our motor control technology. Instead of using omni-directional wheels, the new robots are equipped with an 8-wheeled platform, which requires a challenging control system. The Reboocon DWS enables the robots to pivot smoothly and accelerate quickly!

Will this Reboocon Bionics DWS help the team to win the next robot World Cup? We will soon find out, because the Tech United team takes the new robots to Robotic festival Portugal in April. The real competition will take place in June at the RoboCup 2018 Montreal, Canada.

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